In order to succeed in e-marketing, business owners have to pay attention to details in designing their websites. Here are some important tips for raise the website visibility on the internet:

1. Create a keyword strategy 
  • Create a list of 3-5 keywords relevant to your business
  • Choose keywords based on difficulty & relevance
  • Design & optimize your website around your keywords

2. Optimize your website
  • This is the focus of SEO to increase your website’s ranking
  • On-Page SEO: how well your website’s content is perceived by search engine
  • Off-Page SEO: your website’s overall authority on the web, which is determined by what other sites say about your website

3. Create blog & other content
  • Consider which blogging platforms
  • Key components of a great blog post
  • Atention-grabbing article, well-written text, images/video, links, call-to-action (“Buy now” or “Click to learn more”)

4. Promote content & participate in social media
  • Using Twitter & Facebook for business
  • LinkedIn: the social network for business professional 

5. Convert site traffic into leads
  • Focusing on the conversion process 

6. Nurture leads with email marketing
  • CRM (customer relationship management) have greater success in turning leads to customers over time

7. Be mobile-friendly 
  • 3 key elements to include: emails & calls-to-action, downloads, and videos

8. Analyze & refine strategies 

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    August 2012